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Selecting Glassware for your Home Bar

Selecting glassware is an important part of setting up a home bar. When you first begin shopping for glassware you will probably note there is a significant difference in the glassware marketed for bars and that marketed for home use. This is for good reason. Due to the fact that there is heavy use of glassware in bars, and therefore more breakage, glasses used in public bars tends to be thicker. Since you will typically not be using glasses at home as much as in a bar, there usually won’t be as much breakage. This gives you the opportunity to purchase glasses that are thinner for your home bar. Thinner glasses are more desirable because it allows the drink to flow more smoothly. Be aware; however, this type of glassware is usually more expensive.

Beyond the quality of the glass you will also want to make sure you keep the right variety of glasses on hand. Glasses come in different shapes and sizes for a reason and not just aesthetics. The size and shape of certain glasses can bring out the texture, smell and flavor of a drink.

Rocks glasses are also commonly known as the old fashioned glass as well as the lowball. This type of glass is very versatile and an essential in any home bar. When shopping for rocks glasses it is a good idea to purchase a five or six ounce for home use.

Highballs are also very important to include in your home bar. This is basically a rocks glass that is simply taller; however, it is excellent for serving tall drinks that make use of mixers and juices. Consider highballs between 8 and 12 ounces for your home bar.

You will also need some white wine glasses. These are also very versatile, despite their name, because they can also take the place of other types of glasses such as the flute, snifter, sour, cocktail, cordial and others. You will find there is a wide variety of sizes for white wine glasses, but it is usually best to select smaller sizes.

Cocktail glasses resemble the glasses martinis are often served in. A great number of drinks are served in this type of glass. Look for six ounce cocktail glasses for your home bar and avoid the larger sizes, which can be tricky to both hold and serve.

Cordial glasses are somewhat like a shot glass that has a stem. Look for glasses in the 1.5 to 2 ounce size. In a pinch you can also use the cordial as a shot glass.
If you plan to serve beer in your home bar, you will need to include beer mugs. Beer mugs usually range in size from 12 to 16 ounces.

Shot glasses are usually fairly popular and hold about 2 ounces. You will generally be serving only straight liquors in your shot glasses.

Red wine fans will appreciate the inclusion of red wine glasses in your home bar. Keep in mind the larger bowl of the red wine glass enhances the aroma of the wine. While these glasses come in a wide variety of sizes, it is usually better to opt for slightly larger sizes.

Sour glasses are a type of specialty glass and as such are not really an essential to your home bar but are nice to have on hand if you have the space and money for them. They are used to serve Whiskey Sours, Amaretto Sours and other sour types of cocktails.

Snifters are also a specialty glass. This type of glass is short with a large bowl. Primarily, this type of glass will be used to serve aged liquor which is sipped. The large bowl allows the liquor to breath. In a pinch you can also use the snifter to serve dessert cocktails.

Since margaritas are often a popular drink you may wish to include a selection of margarita glasses in your home bar. You can also use the margarita glass for most other frozen cocktails.

If you are or your guests like Collins cocktails, you may also wish to include the Collins glass; which is a slimmer version of the highball. It can be used for serving Collins cocktails as well as the Mojito.

Flute glasses are nice to have on hand when serving champagne. If you do not plan to serve champagne frequently; however, this is not really a necessity to have on hand.

Dessert cocktails are served in parfait glasses. They can also be used for serving layered cocktails.

For coffee based cocktails you will need a coffee glass. It looks similar to a parfait glass; however, includes a handle.

Pilsners are large glasses used for serving ales and lagers. If you keep these on hand, Pilsners can be a nice addition; otherwise, you may not need them.
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